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Provides Calming Living  AccomodationsDetox Centers in Sterling Heights help clients take the initial to recovery from drug dependency, using healthy, supervised medical facilities and customized detox procedures. The process of detoxification, often referred to as detox, aims to remove drugs and toxins from the bloodstream, however it is important to understand the difference between detox and rehab; detox by itself isn’t rehabilitation. Although people may find the possibility of detox intimidating, top-of-the-line treatment centers make sure detox is safe and suitable for every person, which is important because detox needs vary from person to person, and, most of the time, the ‘cold turkey’ method is not appropriate. At Substance Abuse Rehab Sterling Heights, detox is a customized regimen for every client, and detox methods are secure and clinically proven. Contact Substance Abuse Rehab Sterling Heights to speak with an experienced detox expert; call 586-229-1411 today!

What to Expect from Detox

Substance Abuse Rehab Sterling Heights customizes the detox process to maximize the benefit to every client, but there are three typical stages to look forward to. Most importantly, each and every client is evaluated, a step that discovers which drug, or drugs, and in what quantities, are present within the client’s body. Some clients are hooked on more than one drug – commonly in combination with alcohol – which can greatly affect the way detox is utilized. Then, Detox in Sterling Heights detoxifies the patient’s body, taking out harmful drugs and substances. Although detox can break the physical addiction to drugs, detox does not rehabilitate the client, or assist in preventing future relapse, so Substance Abuse Rehab Sterling Heights strongly urges clients to proceed directly into a rehab treatment program in order to prepare them to overcome addiction by themselves.

Why Treatment Is Necessary

Detox is a very powerful first step to take toward recovery, but many people affected by substance abuse are additionally afflicted by psychological problems that contribute to the dependency and complicate recovery. Detox is most efficient if immediately followed by a rehab program because rehabilitation readies addicts to combat their addiction in everyday life situations, and gives them the equipment recognize and steer clear of triggers to drug and alcohol use. Relapse occurs most regularly when detox is used alone, and when people find themselves in the usual scenarios and locations where their drug and alcohol use was heaviest. In a fresh environment, away from the people and locations that the person associates with drug and alcohol use, it’s easier to avoid the triggers of addictive behavior.

After the preliminary detox process, Substance Abuse Rehab Sterling Heights urges continuation into one of their twenty-eight day, 60-day, or 90-day rehab programs. Detox is reinforced in treatment, where clients take part in individual and group therapy, the 12-step community, and engaging diversions and physical activity. Treatment enhances detox, encouraging the addict in recovery to stay clean and sober. Clients stay busy with programs designed to help them reach their objectives, while remaining at ease, so as to cut back on the tension that, in the past, ended in use of drugs or alcohol.

Take the Initial Step Today!

Detox is much more effective as initial step if followed by drug or alcohol rehab programs. Other treatment facilities focus on detox, but Substance Abuse Rehab Sterling Heights offers support past this first step, so their clients can retain a sober lifestyle beyond detox. While detox might briefly improve the health of the body, it does nothing in regards to the core, psychological issues affecting alcohol and drug use. Treatment facilities that only supply detoxification services can’t make sure that their clients keep clean and sober forever, however, Detox Sterling Heights, Michigan wants their clients to leave detox with the techniques to overcome drug and alcohol addiction for the remainder of their lives. Take the first step to recovery, and talk to a detox specialist at 586-229-1411 now!

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